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Red Pen Tools

VFX Titles, Lists, and Reference Makers.  Instantly get your Database and Spreadsheet Trackers Ready.  Simple workflow tools to save you TIME.

For Avid, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro X

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key features

Red Pen Tools Workflow

ALL Searchable Data in your Mac OS X Finder


Create Subcap Text Files

Export Markers and create importable titles for your VFX.  Drag and Drop!

Made Inquisitively from your Markers
Importable by Avid, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro
Build tables and lists in a click or drag


Create Shot Lists

VFX ID's and Descriptions

Drag and Drop your Subcap exports from Avid and create a nice looking Shot List.  

Timecode in and out
Frame Lengths
Scene Information


Make Quicktime References

Using your outputs, grab the shots you need for Databases or review, Instantly.

Instant Encoding and File Creation
Named by VFX ID's
Ready for Database Creation
Easy File Management
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